Sunday, May 6, 2007

Along Comes a Spider...

Nope. this is not my review of the movie Spiderman III although I really should get to that. After all, with ticket to an early screening comes the responsibility to inform to the public the quality of the show.

Yeah, right!

Well, actually I just could not resist wasting spending my weekend to draw this. It was in reference to the movie Charlotte's Web, where a spider named Charlotte attempted to rescue a piglet named Wilbur from slaughter by spinning 'miraculous' web with words of compliment to the pig.
Wilbur was born a runt and because he is one of 11 to a sow with 10 teats, he would probably not be able to fight for his share. For this reason alone, the farmer decided to slaughter him on the very night he was born. However, he was rescued by the farmer's daughter, who took to caring for him.

Wilbur was a warm-hearted and friendly pig, not to mention really cute too and he brought some joy to the otherwise mundane farm. Everyone (as in, the other animals) grew to loves him but he was the only one who would befriend a spider. And what a friend Charlotte turned out to be as when Wilbur found out that he would be slaughtered by winter, she made a promise without a second thought, to save Wilbur from such fate. One night, she had an inpiration and weaved the word "some pig" on her web above Wilbur. The humans are so amazed by it they declared the incident a miracle.

However, Charlotte was not too confident that this is enough to saves Wilbur and so begin a search for a more incredible words that will both honestly describe Wilbur as well as touches the hearts of the humans in the farm. Spinning those words on web however, is a difficult job for Charlotte as she has never done it before. As the movie progress, so too does the design of the web as the tapestry became more refined. In the end of the movie, the tiny Charlotte did rescue Wilbur as the human were to amazed with the presense of such web that they put off the slaughter.

Yes...don't tell the children but from the direction of the movie, it was obvious that Wilbur will not survive the next winter. Ignore this fact however, and you will have an absolutely delightful movie to bring the kids to. Due to the cute factor, not a bad movie to bring a girl to as well.

I give the movie a three stars. I would also like to mention the visual effect is excellent. Talking animals, a CG spider and in my opinion, very realistic webs. Though it is no longer showing in the theater, I am certain that the 'resourceful' Malaysian will not have problem looking for an alternative. And here is the cartoon I just drew.
Apparently, Spiderman has an easier time 'writing on web' compared to Charlotte. And if you have seen Spiderman III, you might noticed that Venom pulled the same trick when he was trying to get Spidey's attention.