Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I just got home from Cineleisure from the premiere screening of Ironman in Malaysia.
Initial comment is; yeah, it's pretty good. Interesting characters, good script, great design and special effect plus they managed to stay true to the original Ironman, albeit very much updated. The movie works, better than expected and I heard Tony Stark will also be making an cameo appearance in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. Everything goes as planned then we may even see Ironman vs Hulk in the future. Hmm..
Well, will write a full review soon. Gotta sleep now.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blossoms in Bahau

I was talking a photo of a mountain..when suddenly, a dragon appeared.OK.. so it wasn't really a dragon.Bahau was actually my first "photo expedition" with my new camera. It was a great place for avid photographer, amateur enthusiast included, as it has a park with a pond full of lotuses.Ok.. I actually cheated with this piece. My camera doesn't have that kind of zoom but it is 8 megapixel, so I conveniently just cropped the original piece.
I started the day early, before the fog even settle. I took many photos of the lotus flowers there and these are a selected few.
I took this the evening earlier, when the light was low. Coincidentally, I took another at the same spot the next morning when the bud blossomed.
This is my favourite piece. And here are some others..

I was not the only one there. Another photographer, in full gear was also taking photos of the flowers.
One look at his gear and it was obvious that I got the sleeker machine between the two of us :-)
Then I moved on to other subjects.Some kind of water plant.
Close-up and more close-ups.

Like I said, sign of an amateur enthusiast- getting up close and personal on anything and everything. Now I really regret not getting a camera with better macro quality.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Shoot It!

Last month I got my hand on a new toy. It is a brand new digital camera.
I have always decided that it will be a Nikon and I have always know that I will eventually get their DSLR. I am not ready yet. Not experienced enough so I might as well wait till I am more refined in composing a photos and then buy the latest model by then right. Beside, knowing myself, I will ended up spending every minute with it that I neglect my work. With that, I set my eyes on the P5100. Only Nikon would sells a 12 Megapixel semi-pro digital camera at only RM1299. But I eventually decide it's too big for my pocket but still not as canggih as a DSLR.
I already decided that I will eventually get a DSLR, so why settle for a mere P5100? All I need is a pocket size compact until I get that toy. Nikon has a L range of camera which is both effective and affordable (the L16 is 7 Megapixel effective with a 2.8" LCD monitor at under RM400) but not too pleasing in term of aesthetic. And though it makes perfect sense to just get one of these, the feeling of excitement just isn't there when I hold it. So I thought maybe I get the S51 (S range for style). It was pricier but oh so beautiful. At that time however, the P50 is expected to comes into Malaysia soon and it looks like it has the right balance of quality, style and affordability. I thought maybe I should wait for that first.
The P range is actually under the category for semi-pro cameras. It produces very good quality photos with almost as much flexibility of a SLR minus the bulk. What I like physically about this sort of camera is it has a grip that feels really good to hold. I prefer a zoom ring but am fine with the button variation. For a moment, it looked like the P50 is it. All I need is to wait for it to arrive.
I keep checking but it never comes. I got busy and put off buying a digital camera until last month, when I walked into Jusco with the intention to only check out the promotion. The P50 is already out and it's on promotion. A 8-Megapixel semipro digital camera at under RM700. I had my eyes on it for a while and was told that the price was reduced to clear the stock as the model will be discontinued along with the P5100. I have every reasons to buy it but since I haven't been looking around in a while, I looked at the other new models. The S210 surprised me because it was relatively quick. Not to the P50 but the other S range units. I also did not expect a S model in this range of cost.
I bought it and paid an additional RM30 to upgrade the free memory SD card from 1G to 2G. As the camera was on promotion, I also received a leather camera pouch, a Nikon bag, a Nikon umbrella and a very nice mini tripod :-)
It's a beauty isn't it? At 8 Megapixel and housed in a sleek slim body, this piece of gem surprisingly comes with a pricetag at a little under RM700. It was a new model and without knowing much about this particular model, I am surprised I bought it on the spot. All the research I did on Nikon camera the past few month went down the drain without being put to use.
So what do boys do when they got their hands on a new toys? They play with it. I went around snapping everything.
Food (Got careless. My shadow was on the subject)
Treats (not pin sharp but the manufacturer name on the wrapper is legible in the original size)
Orchids (in a bowl of water in a toilet of a hotel in the city of PJ - ahem)
My document bag
Fogged up windscreen
My dinner one night in Bahau.
My Ferrari 250 GTO
I took more close-up than I expected but I guess that is the norm of a amateur enthusiast (or is that enthusiatic amateur?) I am not experienced yet to really know how to make a picture interesting so I just get up close and personal on anything and everything.
Which kinda made me regret choosing this model over the P50. Even from review I read, Nikon S-range isn't especially strong in their macro. The sample macro photo of the P50 is excellent. I wished thse close-up photos I took with the S210 could be as sharp. If I wasn't so tight financially in the moment, I'll probably give this to my sister and get the P50. It's also too bad that I am not as famous as Timothy Tiah or Nikon might actually contact me to endorse their cameras. Would really love that but if they are looking for a blogger to do that, Kenny Sia is also using a Nikon. A DSLR no less so they have no reason to look for me (except I am a die hard Nikon believer). Sigh...
Still, I found my favourite subjects are portrait, especially happy people and people in celebratory mood and the S210 is definitely good enough for those shot.

Until I get my DSLR anyway.
*note: Above portrait taken with flash to compensate for poor quality outdoor lighting. Photo's quality is typically compromised in such condition and in no way reflect on the quality of the camera itself.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The new Knight Rider

Some times ago, I had a funny discussion with some friends on what 80's TV series that may be made into a movie. The list included some really unlikely "hits" like a live action Care Bear and My Little Ponies (wincing yet?) but the one show that I thought has a good potential is Knight Rider.
I was a big fan of the show then and KITT was my dream car. I also recalled that KITT has a nemesis in a similar car named KATT.
KITT KATT? Gimme a break!
Anyway, two things are obvious if there ever going to be a new Knight Rider.
1) David Hasselhoff is NOT to return to lead the cast.
2) KITT definitely need to be housed in a more updated model.
For the former, I really can't think of anyone other than Paul Walker. Sorry.. love the first two Fast and Furious, kinda already stereotype him as the coolest face behind the wheel of a sport car.
For the latter, I just knew it's going to be an American car. No Lamborghini, no Ferrari, no BMW Z4. It's an American pride thing. Even in Tokyo Drift, the protaganist has to drive an American car (with Japanese engine though) in the end and Knight Rider is an American show set in America. My guess was that it is going to be a Dodge Viper.

This car is so sleek right? Kinda match what the original KITT was in the 80's.
As it turned out, the new Knight Rider is already out, not as a new movie but as a new updated TV series. I only found that out when I read Henry's blog. But they didn't get a Viper, they got a Mustang!

A Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 to be precise. Whatever.. I never did know much about cars.
It was an interesting choice though because this is obviously not the shiny sleek type of sport car guys drive to club to attract chicks but the tough as nail powerful car intended to get a job done, no matter the damages that come with it, to public properties or to the car itself. But of course we also know that the only thing that can come close to even denting a KITT is a KATT right?
I said it was an interesting choice because this reminded me of how they chose Daniel Craig as the new Bond, switching from smart, suave, sleek to fast and furious dangerous! I suspect we will be seeing a lot more car chase scenes in the new series. Come to think of it, there isn't much of that in the original series. At that age I saw it, I got enough thrill every time Turbo Boost is used, sending the car flying.
Hope to catch that show soon. The trailer I saw in youtube definitely looked interesting. I noticed KITT not only has a new body but also a new voice that is more human. Kinda liked the original voice though.
I still have no idea who is the lead actor but I am guessing David Hasselhoff will be making a guest appearance.

To Silas, Rachel and baby Sarah.

My friend Silas and wife Rachel, celebrated the full month of their first baby girl, Sarah today. Little princess is beginning to look like her daddy. Congrats to my two dear friends.

Photo nicked from Rachel's blog.