Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I actually wrote about the Beauty and the Beast Broadway Musical I just watched last week but misplaced the draft. I am too lazy to rewrite that now so I am just gonna wait and see if the draft will magically reappear.

For now, I am just gonna write a review on Hancock, currently the last movie I saw. And I realised of late, I was giving away too much of the storyline in my review. I have been an avid movie-goer for a long time and of all people, I should know what may be revealed and what may not. It wasn't always like this though as I remembered vividly how I struggle from revealing the shocking ending when I wrote the review for The Prestige.

So here goes. Will Smith is John Hancock, the world's only superhero who has chosen Los Angeles as his base of operation. Despite his role in fighting crime, he wasn't appreciated as he tended to be reckless with his power, causing maximum collateral damages everytime he made an appearance. That is until he saved the life of an image consultant who takes on trying to change his image. It wasn't a business decision. Jason Bateman's Ray Embrey is a really nice and honest guy who truly believe Hancock deserved better.

There was 2 trailers out for this movie. While the first one indicated an all out comedy, the second was more dramatic. I thought it was so funny when a new proper Hancock asked permission to touch a woman so he could save her. And deflecting a missile aimed at you with a wave of your hand is just so cool. It was this second trailer that got me to watch the movie.

The movie itself however, failed to live up to the expectation created by the trailer. Though the characters in the movie - Hancock by Smith, Ray by Bateman and Mary by Theron (well, I don't think I can not like any character played by Charlize Theron anyway) are all quite likable, the story turned out to be uninspired and predictable. And like I mentioned in The Hulk, I take my fight scene very seriously and there is noone in the movie to really give Hancock a hard time. Sure he lost some of his power near the end of the movie making him vulnerable but hey, when I see a superhero movie, I expect a superhero brawl. No matter how good a script you write, if a superhero did not have an enemy who can match him/her in physical prowess, you will not have an exciting finale. Period.

All the recent superhero movies that ever been successful had the protaganists' actual superpowered nemesises from the original comic books fighting them in the reel version. The presense of these supervillains may not necessary tranlated to success but their absense will almost certainly guarantee the film's failure.

This is not a bad movie. It just wasn't as good as I expected. And while it was fun while it last, it didn't give us much worth remembering.

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