Thursday, November 16, 2006

Will Draw For $

In the month of September 2006, a friend recruited me to do a comission work for a pre-school book for 4 years old. A total of 24 pages of drawing in 2 weeks- pencilled, inked, coloured and layout. I did it in a little over 3. Fortunately, they still accepted and paid me as agreed.

It wasn't easy drawing for children. Not to me anyway. I grew up drawing superheroes afterall. I was struggling with the correct proportion but in the end, I pulled through, thanks to the unrelenting and uncompromising criticism my dear sister provided. The whole look is quite inconsistent but I think I am getting the hang of it. The publisher is pleased too.

The moral of the story; Criticism is good. Listen to it and use it to improve yourself.

I am grateful to land the job and just as glad when it's over. I am still holding a full time job and only had time to complete the drawing in the night. For almost a month, I went to bed only at 1 am and woke up at 7 am for my day job. I practically do not have the time to see any friends outside of work.

I can't wait for my next project on Feb next year.
My first piece, also the piece that got me the assignment. This is one of the piece that worked out as I hope but the boys look like they are older than 4. No big deal though.
A family portrait. This is exactly the piece I did. No changes although I realise (after submission of my work) that there is no shadow on the floor. Gasp... a floating family.

Two pieces on emotion.
Some other selected images. I kinda like the one with the three friends. Original drawing was very small though, only about 5 x 5 cm so there isn't much room for detail.

Two pieces of maze that I need to do. I have to make sure it's not too challeging for 4 years old though. I enjoyed creating these mazes. Maybe I will make one with higher difficulty just for the kick of it.

Well... like it? If you have any commission work to offer me, let me know.

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