Saturday, April 28, 2007


Some fan, aka a friend, been bugging me about updating my blog as apparently, reading blog is a fun way for her to know what is happening in her friends' lives. And I haven't updated in a while.

Well, its been speculated that the year of boar will not be kind to those born in the year of snake. And though I chosen to ignore these hocus-pocus, the report has proven to be accurate so far. I ran into so much problem in the beginning of the year I have enough material to write a book. Except I really could not find the time to even draft them.

Any girls out there who like guys with issue, here I am...

Still, there is no use 'bitching' about it here. I am just glad most of the problems are behind me now and the immediate future promised to be more rosy from now. There is a silver lining in these clouds after all. And there is no point to believe in fortune telling.

Just saw Wild Hogs last week. Basically a rather enjoyable but hardly outstanding films about 4 friends setting out on a road trip to escape the problems they are facing in their personal lives. You can call it mid live crisis, but to me, it's merely escapism. The humour is predictable at times but also fresh the rest of the times. I just thought it has the potential to achieve more than what it has to offer.

Right after the movie, I signed up for a promotion outside GSC. Gave my personal info and completed a short survey, all for a free bottle of 80ml mouthwash. Damn, that was so cheap I wonder how much need to be offered before I agreed to sell my soul.

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