Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Appalling Sight

No... I am not talking about Edison's pictures

I just stopped at a red light this morning when an old white Nissan pulled up beside me, obviously attempting to cut queue. In the car was an old man driving with with his wife beside him. Holding in her arm, unprotected by a seat belt was their granddaughter. The first thing I immediately noticed is the lack of protection to the little child, as well as the fact that both old man and woman were smoking, with all their second hand smoke swirling around the poor little girl. Wait.. there is another woman at the back. She was probably the child's mother and SHE WAS SMOKING TOO!!!


What kind of people are these to be so ignorant, both of the child's wellbeing as well as the examples she is exposed to? If we can't rely on the older generation for example and guidance, what hope can we hold for the generation to come?

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