Monday, February 11, 2008

The Edison Law

I can't believe how long it has been since my last entry. There is literally a dozen movies I saw that I want to write about but there is hotter news now than the latest movie isn't it?
Of course I am referring to the Edison Chen scandal. but for this post lets refer to him as E-boy since I don't want to waste the time of all the people googling and searching for the lastest release on this matter. To those people:

NO LINKS HERE!! Shoo, shoo

E-boy supposedly sent his laptop for servicing and had all his dirty files within- photos, videos copied and currently widely distributed on the internet. Whoever is doing this is all out to ruin him but the greatest damage falls on the girls who willingly took those dirty photos with him.
I was having lunch with Duncan, Jaclyn and Joshua. As Duncan was enthusiastically feeding us with the latest update on this juicy gossip, I turned to the only girl on the table and asked just what is it about E-boy that girls find so attractive? Jaclyn could only say than bad boys like him can only be a boyfriend but never a lifelong partner but ah... she just admitted that the attraction existed, didn't she?
While he is admittedly cute in some way, E-boy is nowhere as goodlooking as me some other celebrity like Wang Lee Hom isn't he? And he is nowhere near as talented either. And do I even need to question his maturity or sensitivity after the recent scandal?
OK.. so Wang is one in a million but unfortunately, many also believe that he is not straight so let's throw him out of the picture and just look at all the new actors Hong Kong have in recent years, especially those in the TV drama. I can think of a few example but I don't know their name. Which kinda prove my points. These actors are better than E-boy in term of good look and talent anytime, yet they could not reach the level of celebrity that E-boy is enjoying.
Is it simply of the bad boy persona?
It is frustrating sometimes. In a society which increasingly discourage integrity by constantly rewarding those who do not practise it, a good man could not even win the girl of his dream out of the goodness of his heart while the bad boy is charming a new girl every week into doing anything he likes. And the girls willingly do it, because they want their guy to be happy. Talk about adding insult to injury.
Can the girls see that the reason bad boy has so much bravado is that they got nothing to lose? He wants the girl but not for life, he doesn't care if he got rejected and so he dares. Because there is no emotional attachment.
A good guy finds a girl he likes and tried to care for her in every way he can. He hopes to be there for her for the rest of her lives and can't bear the thought that he is not the one for her. And therefore, he dares not, in case he did something wrong and loses her forever.
Is it any wonder then, that there is this twisted advice that tell men not to be too good to their women? Because if we give them everything we have, then we will have nothing else to offer? Because it makes us unexciting and predictable?
We should all be bad boys then, getting women to give us what we want instead of giving them what they desired. If nothing else, it at least maintain their attraction to us, won't it?
But dammit, this is not how I want to treat my woman.
I could go on and on but whoa... how did i got out of topic like that? Back to E-boy, I don't think he is suffering much damage at all. It's not like he even cares that right now, all those girls who ever been with him wanted to slit his throat. And since he is rumoured to be showing off those photos to his friends, he might actually be enjoying the attention. But per Duncan, he unfortunately also took some photo with a girlfriend who supposedly have close ties to the mobs in Hong Kong and is currently hiding out in US.
True or untrue? I don't care and I don't think the rest of the world should too. Now shouldn't we all be more concerned about the extreme weather in China and how it is affecting her people? Shame on all of you.


Life as I see it... said...

yes, he has the "bad boy" look... its those eyes of his.....hhmmm...
anyway, he is not the grown up type of "bad boy" look...
he sorta liked a little boy with a bad boy looking face if u get what i mean...

arrrhhh...nvr mind if u dun get it

Pencilman said...

I kinda know what u talking about but i tot this type only attract young innocent and naive girl.
what surprised me is there is quite a number of relatively matured women in his list as well.

R U a fan of this guy???