Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blossoms in Bahau

I was talking a photo of a mountain..when suddenly, a dragon appeared.OK.. so it wasn't really a dragon.Bahau was actually my first "photo expedition" with my new camera. It was a great place for avid photographer, amateur enthusiast included, as it has a park with a pond full of lotuses.Ok.. I actually cheated with this piece. My camera doesn't have that kind of zoom but it is 8 megapixel, so I conveniently just cropped the original piece.
I started the day early, before the fog even settle. I took many photos of the lotus flowers there and these are a selected few.
I took this the evening earlier, when the light was low. Coincidentally, I took another at the same spot the next morning when the bud blossomed.
This is my favourite piece. And here are some others..

I was not the only one there. Another photographer, in full gear was also taking photos of the flowers.
One look at his gear and it was obvious that I got the sleeker machine between the two of us :-)
Then I moved on to other subjects.Some kind of water plant.
Close-up and more close-ups.

Like I said, sign of an amateur enthusiast- getting up close and personal on anything and everything. Now I really regret not getting a camera with better macro quality.

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