Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I will follow you...

Anybody have not seen the recent Digi advertisement, with all those yellow teletubbies- like characters running around? It’s impossible to miss. Maxis may dominates the market but Digi rules the media exposure.
It’s really quite catchy. Played to the song ‘I will follow you’, these characters just follow people around, listening to their phone calls, reading their sms, (tried) following them into toilets etc. Supposedly representing the Digi service, they are really trying to say that Digi will faithfully be by the users’ side every time and everywhere. Except of course when their service is down or when user don’t get good enough coverage but they don’t mention about those. That’s advertisement for you.
Actually, I kinda like the advertisement, even though I don’t like Teletubbies. It’s funny, I almost always like the advertisement for the competitors of whatever I am supporting, although apparently, I am not easily swayed. Supported FedEx, coz I had a good time working for them but always find DHL ads funnier and UPS’s “Synchronized Dance” very classy. OK lah… FedEx’s “Stepping Stone” is quite a surprise delight as well.
Back to Digi, the ad has stop running. Maybe some people find it freaky but Digi is already on a new campaign. The ‘Hello’ ad however, lacks the creativity and energy of their earlier advertisement campaigns.
They also made a mistake with one short variation in between these two ads. After the deadline to register prepaid numbers in Malaysia, they have one where a new user registered and 2 of these ‘teletubbies’ characters fighting to follow this new user. Maybe they are trying to tell us they are very eager to serve us and that they have more than enough resources for their client but why didn’t anyone else in the ad has a yellow guys beside them? Digi unwittingly just told Malaysian that noone is using their service. Talk about giving the wrong impression. Digi probably realized this and that is why this campaign was so shortlived, and why the new ad seems a bit like a rush job. Love them or loathe them, we probably seen the last of those eternally cheerful, forever grinning yellow fellas.
For the record, I use 012, and before that, 017. Had I known Maxis will take over the 017 number, I would not have given up my 017-8880800 number. Damn waste but a.d.a.m. back then sucks. Oh well...

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