Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saying thanks with your hand.

Seeing a lady driver having difficulty coming out of a junction, I slowed down and let her passed. She raised her hand in gratitude, except she is not very good with hand signal. Her hand was raised with her palm facing herself, thus making it looked like she is gesturing in offense instead of gratitude. Well, I was pretty sure she really meant to thanks me.

She is not the only one though. I know of people who refrained from giving similar hand sign because they realised they are doing it wrong. To these people, I can only advise; Show your palm.

Whether you are trying to thank a driver who just let you pass or apologising for say, slamming your brake too suddenly, just show your palm. It is the guaranteed way to send the right message. Afterall, you do not want other to think you are blaming them when you are only trying to thank them, right? Oh, if it's to a driver behind you and you can't turn around, just keep your eyes on the road and raise your hand as if taking an oath. We'll get the meaning. Simple, right?
Show your palm and you can't go wrong!
Well, just be careful not to overdo it la.

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