Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Go Forth and Multiply

In Happy Feet, a very irritated Lovelace, annoyed with Mumble's persistent questioning, told Mumble to "go forth and multiply".

Now, isn't that a funny thing to say to someone who just peeved you? Why would you wish for someone you dislike to multiply?

You are in a KTV, singing a slow love song, hoping to impress one of your lady friend in the group when one of the guys shout out, "Woh dude, you sucked, man."

And you tell him, "Who is this fool? You came join us here and you doubted my talent? Go forth and multiply"?

A driver from your right lane swerved in front of you so he could make a left turn. You have to slammed your brake to avoid colliding with his car. You give him the sign and shout," Hey... why don't you go forth and multiply"?

A local politician made a stupid and racist remark that insulted the entire human race and we comment, "Well, he can go forth and multiply"?

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it?

Well, I am not sure if I am the last person to figure it out but out of the blue, it suddenly struck me the meaning of this phrase. Go forth and multiply, Lovelace is really telling Mumble to %#@* off. Really, just think of the literal meaning of both phrase. And it can be used in all the instances above.

Happy Feet just got away with saying "%#@* off" uncensored around the world and managed to obtained a "general viewing" rating too. We also got a new phrase to express a very vulgar meaning in a relatively civilised tongue. Go forth and multiply.

Come to think of it... why don't we all go forth and multiply. I shall now retire to my chamber of perpetual indulgence.

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