Sunday, December 31, 2006


How ironic that in the middle of writing one of the most inpiring article I ever post, one of not letting go of your dream and to keep fighting, that I should receive closure for my most important dream. Ironic that it was at this time that I found all my avenue been exhausted but the dream will not be realised.

And so it was with much difficulty that I finished my last article, Stepping into 2007 Strong, Wise and Full of Faith, and with much pride that I still finished it the way I earlier intended it. On the bright side, I shall be grateful that I receive a closure beyond doubt that I may now let go and like all the great figures I mentioned in the last article, including Jon Arbuckle, I shall stand tall and look into the future.

I would like to end this post with a timely New Year dedication I received.

The year is almost gone but it has also made us strong.
The path was long but we walked it with a song.
There were fears and tears but we also had reasons for cheers.

Wishing you Happy Memories of 2006 and have a Great 2007...

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