Friday, December 8, 2006

Tales of the Speed Demons

That day I saw in Kajang an extremely obnoxious motorcylist who blared the horn all the way so drivers will look out for him as he weaved his way quickly in and out of the traffic. Damned speed demon. We all have our experience with them but I remembered two experience with different "speed-demon-ish" car drivers fondly.

Fondly? Yes, because you see, the twist of the event is quite funny.

I stopped in front of another car at a red light. Expecting the light to turn green soon, the car started to move forward, leaving maybe half a car-length of gap between us. I did not bothered to fill that space. That's when the Perdana behind me honked. I quickly looked at the light again. It was still red. What is this guy's problem? I turned my head around to look at him but he was already steering his car to the lane on the right, just as the light turned green. However, there was another car on that lane and despite being on the fast lane, the aunty driver inside moved very slowly. I maintained the same speed and the Perdana was stuck behind the two of us. What a laugh. Unfortunately at the next traffic stop, the Perdana already honked at the aunty and obviously affected, she drove faster this time. I thought momentarily to keep up with her and keep the Perdana behind us but what's the point? The driver's an idiot. I let him overtook me.

Then, there was the time I was driving back from Penang. I was just overtaking a slow vehicle when I noticed a car flashed at me. How far away was this car? So far away it looked like it flashed at me the moment the driver saw my car's rear lamps but it is coming at me fast and furious. I know I do not have enough time to overtake the two long trucks in front before that BMW is at my tail so I gave way. But as the BMW approached, the two trucks decided to moved over to the fast lane, thereby, blocking the BMW. My friend urged me to maintain my speed, trapping the BMW with me on its left and the two gigantic trucks in its front. This moved on for quite a distance and to give some credit to the driver in the BMW, he did not sound the honk or tried in anyway to get me to slow down. Eventually the two trucks overtook an extremely slow Kancil. I too, have to slowed down as the Kancil was in my way. That was when the BMW came into my lane and overtook the two trucks. After that, the two trucks decided to returned to the left lane. My friend and I agreed that the two truck drivers probably did that on purpose because maybe they were miffed by the BMW driver's arrogance. Flashing your lights from a whole kilometre away IS arrogance.

It was satisfying in a small pleasure kind of way to see these drivers humbled by such situation. That's all it is though, small pleasure. Nowaday, I usually chose safety first. You never know if one of these crazy drivers may do something stupid and caused an accident.

Damned speed demon.

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