Sunday, December 31, 2006

Stepping into 2007 Strong, Wise and Full of Faith

It is the time of the year again for resolution when many of us look back on our past, evaluate the present and ponder on the future. So why is there only The Christmas Carol but not The New Year Carol? Isn't New Year the time all of us choose to do what we really should do on a more regular basis? An action known as reflection?
I am once again watching some of my (more important & personal) resolution dashed. It was so depressing all I want to do is give up. But thanks to a long talk with a good friend, I emerged from a state of shattered hope to one of renewed faith.
We all been through this, when what we are aiming for is so far beyond our reach we find that we have nothing to hold on to. And when our grasp on that which we desire weaken, we are tempted to just let go. After all, we are already too excessively exhausted from holding on for so long on merely faith and optimism alone.
To be or not to be? That is the question. The answer to this question is the question, "How much does this mean to you?"
While we are regularly bombarded with ever positive advice to be strong and keep fighting, letting go, sometimes is the wise choice. Our answer to the above question will be the deciding factor. How much your dream means to you? For if it means the world to you, a day will surely come when you will rue letting go of your dream. The only acceptable closure to a dream is try everything humanly possible, to exhaust all avenue and when you have given your all, yet the dream you seek cannot be achieved, there be no regret. But until that day, we shall continue to dream, and we shall continue to strive to realise that dream.
Colonel Sander did not sell his recipe to the first restaurant. He visited well over a hundred restaurant before one would give him a partnership.
Honda rise during one of the most difficult time in Japan and only through the sheer determination of its founder, overcoming obstacle after obstacle that would collapsed any lesser men.
Seabiscuit started his racing career in defeat after defeat and was forever the joke and underdog of any race before he started winning.
And the most inspiring success story (ahem) of the year 2006, geeky Jon Arbuckle finally, not only got a date with his dream girl Liz, he is dating her! This is almost as good as Charlie Brown finally getting a homerun.
"Everybody loses a couple. And either you pack up and go home or you keep fighting!"
Keep fighting everyone, till there is not an iota of energy left in you. Keep fighting even when noone understand and the whole world is against you. For there is no price you would not pay to see your dream come true.

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