Sunday, July 8, 2007

Drop Dead!

I just read an interesting tips on mosquitoes control. Apparently, you can dilute a few drops of lemon flavoured dish wash liquid in a white dinner plate of water and mosquitoes will be drawn to the solution, drink it and died. A simple and far less toxic method to control mosquitoes if you planning to have a garden picnic than the regular insecticide.

Don't ask me if it really work, or if the solution must be strictly in a white dinner plate or if the mosquitoes will eventually develop resistance to dish washer solution. I haven't try it and I haven't a clue. All I remember was an even more powerful technique I once employed.

I was driving when I noticed a mosquito flying around inside the car. I don't know how it got in but I do know it's blardy irritating and my hands are quite occupied at the moment. I just wished for it to drop dead and sure enough... it did. Right in front of me and in mid flight, it just dropped dead on the dashboard (of old age maybe?).

If you can name any technique greater than having the mosquito drop dead at your mental command, please feel free to share but do not underestimate the power of the Force.

You do NOT want to cross me.

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