Monday, July 23, 2007

(Un-)Lucky Seven

There are much that I foresee for the month of July 07, especially in the 3rd week where everything would fall into place and the world would become a much more beautiful place. Instead...
1) The admin girl forgot to process my commission
2) My best friend's heart's broken
3) My heart's broken
4) My grandma passed away
There should be more but I can't seems to remember so I guess I can add 'failing memory' to the list. Sigh...

On the bright side, I made many new friends in person and one very interesting one online. OK, need to get into my positive thinking mode and start believing everything is possible.

Just a phrase on friendship I like to use even though most of my friends think it's corny.
"Without friend, noone would choose to lives, though he has all other goods" - Aristotle


Life as I see it... said... least now i know am not the only one having a lousy time... Though i m not sure why are you heart-broken?

Kee Lin said...

U tried the phone, u tried email, and now u left a comment. sorry i haven't been responding much... will catch up on yumcha soon ya..