Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Meeting or Two, of Old Friends

It was almost serendipitous. I was out for a yam cha session when I noticed a man literally staring with sinister smile on his face. I was not too pleased with the way he looked at me until I realised he was my friend and former classmate from secondary year. After I recognised him as Thomas, his smile doesn't seems so sinister after all.
I called Duncan and tell him about it and we decided to meet up. Then I called Voon Fatt and surprise surprise. He also just found Ben Mah. Ben's wife is Voon Fatt's client and he was just verifying some information when he realise who her husband is. The reunion seems inevitable now. We attempted to get a few more to join us but the notice was admittedly short. Parama was so enthusiastic he forgotten he got an important date that night. Jason was tied up with works, Azrul was in Sarawak and Kam Fatt, I really got to apologise to as I forgot to tell him till the day itself. Needless to say, he can't make it.From left: Ben Mah, me, Voon Fatt, Thomas with Duncan sitting down.
Soo Wei Kang (standing in middle) from 5SM also joined us despite not knowing us so well. We had a simple dinner in Restoran Peranakan in 1U. It was a good catch up session with another planned for 23th May probably at Wendy's in Sunway Pyramid. Ben Mah and Thomas are married, Voon Fatt probably will in the near future. Only Duncan and I are still single. Sigh.
Looking at some of my younger friends now, I do get a bit envious. Keeping in touch is not a problem nowaday with their mobile phone and various internet networking site like Friendster and Facebook. We have none of that during our days. I don't even know how to use a computer then. Was I talking about computer? Heck, my family don't even have a telephone. I remembered going to the payphone to call them up but most of them were too excited about their new college (something my family was too poor to afford for me) lives to really meet up. In the end, I gradually lost all their numbers. Still, we are beginning to find each others and hopefully, we will not lose contact this time around.

Today I went for another reunion. This time with friends I made when I worked with FedEx. Everyone there loves Sow Hon so he was the key person that must be there. Unfortunately, a few were going back to their hometown this weekend, leaving only(from left) Jason, Sow Hon, Sharon, Carrie and me with a light dinner in Pizza Hut. The outing was shorter than I expected as everyone has plans further into the evening. That was unexpected as I made an impromptu visit to Wan Nee and Woan Koon barely a week ago and we talked for 3 hours or so. And we didn't even have dinner. Then again, that included a tour around the newly expanded and renovated office of my former company. Now that place really looks like a first-class multinational company. Still, I was invited to a paintball outing coming June but I think that date just might clash with the Beauty and the Beast musical I am planning to catch. Oops, I haven't even pay Jaclyn for that ticket.

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