Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sex Kills

I walked into the bathroom earlier to find three cockroaches on the wall. Two of them are being naughty. Is this cockroaches sex?
I took out my camera and quickly took a picture. Didn't bother to get a good shot as I didn't want to started them. I wasn't being polite. I just wanted to make sure they are still there when I wrapped up a roll of newspaper and smack them.
Talk about lust being one of the seven deadly sins. I only hit one cockroach of that couple but as the other tried to crawl away, it couldn't, being stuck to the dead one. If it wasn't mating when I found it, it would still be alive now, being able to scurry away before I make a second smack, then a third. I never did figure out which is the male.
I didn't just killed 3 cockroaches today. I killed a whole future generation. Damn, I hate those things.

1 comment:

richrach said...

eeeeeeeeeewwww!!!! i hate those deadly creatures as well!!!!


hey... u wanna find out which is male and which is female... next time, dissect them! muaahahahaha! the female one has wings, the male doesn't! ;o)