Sunday, May 25, 2008

Re-United We Stand

The reunion on 23th went better than I expected as everyone is enthusiastic to meet up again. While I admittedly wasn't too optimistic in the beginning, I now begin to wonder if we really can make this a monthly itinenary. Though Thomas could not make it this round, we have Parama and Wei Cheong with us. Being the one who brought everyone back together for the last 2 gatherings, I was appointed the unofficial organiser. On top of that, as we are expecting an even bigger group next time, Duncan also asked me to bring my camera, making me the unofficial photographer as well.
On a personal note, it was weird that when I met up with my FedEx friends, the girls only obliged very casually for a photograph while my guy friends in 5SK were so excited about taking photos. Hmm..
Wait a minute, with my work schedule, is it possible for me to carry out my duty as a organiser? I don't know but I can't let my friends down now can I?
We will be meeting again June 20th at the Curve for dinner followed "The Incredible Hulk" movie. Yes, everyone is very tame but we are all also excited about planning a trip soon, perhaps to Bali or Pattaya.
Ah.. it's good to be among old friends again.

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