Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am TVman

I have yet wrote the full review on Ironman but I have a far more interesting experience to share than watching a film.
On Saturday 3/5/08, about a quarter to noon, I arrived at the NTV7 studio to shoot the preliminary round for Deal or No Deal. Yes.. I have been selected as a contestant and making pass this round will bring me the chance to bring home the grand prize of RM 100,000.
Naturally, I planned to blog about this but I can't believe I didn't bring my camera. Of course there are also certain rules to abide by since I did signed a confidentiality agreement. So I can't reveal anything on the date or how the shooting was carried out, or who won which preliminary round, or even if I did. Okay.. I will leak out one thing.
The questions got a little tougher.
So what is there left to write about?
I saw the host Non during the roadshow before but this is the first time I met him face to face. He was actually a very nice and down to earth man. And though I thought he appeared pretty serious onscreen, he can be very laid back offscreen. The crews absolutely love him and they are a happy bunch who laugh all the times even as they work. It's so goood to be loving your work. One of their faurite joke on Non seems to be on his oily face as they took every available ability to have him check his complexion on the camera, so they can see if he need touch up on his make up. And they will go "Quick, let's start shooting before the oils come out".
Non was very friendly with absolutely no air, spending most of the times between takes chatting with us. Nice guys.
I also almost made many new friends. I said almost because I was talking and laughing with many of them but unfortunately, when the shooting ended, everyone disappeared so quickly I didn't have a chance to get their numbers. Only Angie and Stephanie were still around taking photos with Non. I took a couple too and gave my email to Angie. Hope she remembers to email them to me.
I was in group 7 (how auspicious) together with Sam, Alan, Nicholas, Sue and Su Ling. It's too bad I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with them, especially Allan who is a business owner. Maybe a business opportunity there somewhere. Oh well.
Oh, I also had make-up on my face for the firat time in my lives. When I had my lunch, I have to be extra careful. I wasn't afraid to smear the lipstick butI just don't want to eat them. And I hadn't a clue how to wipe my mouth after my food. It's not easy being a woman. And I haven't even try the torture of wearing a high heel yet.

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